BirdWood Primary School

From the Principal

I would like to warmly welcome you and your family to Birdwood Primary School. Our school works to provide a rich, engaging and rewarding education for our children from Reception to Year 6. We have developed flexible, inclusive classrooms to ensure we meet the learning styles and needs of all students and our teachers effectively differentiate to meet individual learning needs. The partnership between the parents, staff and children is paramount to provide the best possible educational opportunities for students and we actively encourage open and honest communication. By working in partnership we can best assist our children in their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Helen Dunlop

At Birdwood Primary School we strive to:
  • Provide a challenging and engaging education for all students for their present time of life as well as for their future benefit.
  • Provide a happy, secure and safe environment.
  • Provide a creative and stimulating programme which encourages children and teachers to strive for excellence.
  • Provide successful experiences for each child.
  • Ensure that students gain an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and ethnic groups with emphasis being placed on respect, responsibility and resilience.
  • Provide students with the qualities and attributes of a lifelong learner.
We believe:
  • That the interaction between teacher and child is at the heart of schooling.
  • Close cooperation between home and school is vital.
  • Teachers complement parents but do not take their place.
  • All children should be encouraged to problem solve, challenge themselves, demonstrate resilience and work to the best of their ability.

Our Staff

Principal Helen Dunlop
Deputy Principal Hamish Fletcher
Reception/Year 1 Kerry Homer/Julie Erwin Blumberg
Reception/Year 1 Georgie Bittner Blumberg
Year 1/Year 2 Linda Keen Room 1/3
Year 2/Year 3 De-arne Rentz Room 4/6
Year 3/Year 4 Meaghan Price Room 8
Year 3/ Year 4 Laura Pain Room 7
Year 4/Year 5 Kathy Hodgson/Julie Erwin Room 2
Year 5/Year 6 Laura Warhurst Room Talunga
Year 5/Year 6 Cherryl Nankivell Room Talunga
Resource Centre Sue Green Resource Centre
Visual Arts/Music/Drama Jodi Foster/Julie Erwin Room
Japanese Louise Hanna Room
PE/Maths Jorja Rayner Gym/Classrooms
Pastoral Care Worker Julie Randall



Leanne Sleader Finance Manager
Ali Topham Front Office
Sue Green Kitchen Specialist/Librarian
John Varney Groundsperson
Melissa Rosenberg Garden Specialist
Joanna Randell Student Support
Yvette Knight Student Support
Leanne Sleader Student Support
Leigh Black Student Support
Maureen Thurston Student Support
Madi Trainor Student Support
Kylie Wachtel Student Support
Emily Hodgson Student Support